It's a significant day!

I am announcing that the Martinsson King Limited Edition hair care system will be launched at H&M’s new concept store, Friday the 1 of December (as well as online and in selected salons.)
H&M is testing a new store concept at a shopping centre in the affluent area of Stockholm, Sweden. Building the concept has been about a stronger customer experience – how to make it better and more relevant to a higher-end consumer. There are fewer, but more carefully selected and handpicked pieces alongside selected external brands to meet the needs of the target group. We are thrilled that H&M has selected Martinsson Kings’ haircare system and we see a perfect match with our similar aim to provide the customer with an exclusive and personalized experience.
Martinsson King products will be displayed in the beauty section of the store as well as the lounge/café, gift and flower shop. As yet it will only be in this one particular store, and the lessons drawn from this trial will later be incorporated internationally, which makes it even more exciting to Martinsson King. Our products will not be discounted and the prices will be the same regardless of whether you purchase in-store, salon or online.
We are now on our way after a 3 year development process and we welcome you to sign up for free samples here